Agency : Werkstatt

Role : UX/UI Designer

Shadow, a French cloud-computing startup, came to Werkstatt agency because they needed a new website. They wanted to promote the product they just launched. First of all, we focused on the website’s design & create the brand’s guidelines.

In addition to creating a brand new website, matching their needs and demands, we offered them a fresh look for the user interface of their Windows App. To do so, we audited their in-use Windows App seeking for weaknesses in the User Experience. Meanwhile, we tried to clear up any issue and improve the overall design.

Here is what we done for the UX & UI of their Windows App.

The app is used to make a connection to a distant computer. To do so you need multiple informations like networks, login, etc…

The main focus was to make this as smooth as possible to prevent any early problems with the settings.

The main point of the redesign was to enable a full control panel instead of just minimalistic settings like they had before.

We made a list of features they needed and designed along it.