About me
Oh Hi ! I’m Thibault and I'm currently available. Get in touch if you like what I do.


I‘m a digital designer specialized in website and app design. After working for Werkstatt first class studio in Paris I want to see more of the world and I look for a studio or an agency that want to work with me.

I worked with world class brand like Adidas & Kenzo. I also worked with smaller company that just want to grow, such as Shadow & Collective-i.


My multidisciplinary knowledge makes me a hybrid designer. I like to work on interface as much as I like to work with 3D software or do motion design. The skills & experience I have with programming language is powerful asset to create realistic designs centered on the user.

Awards & Recognitions

Collective-I – Awwward site of the day

Collective-I – FWA site of the day

Collective-I – CSS Design Award site of the day

Collective-i – French Design Index

Featured In


Apollo magazine – Issue 34

My Friends

Werkstatt Crew

Valentin Delouis

Nicolas Loureiro

Pierre-Jean Doumenjou

Nahel Moussi

Launde Morel


Thomas Delmond

Antoine Barrès

Morgan Czaplinsky

Craft with skill by Hugo Socié

"If your job start to feel more like a job than a passion, quit. Find another one"

- Black Frog golden rule n°19